Fishing industry

Morocco has a distinct geographical location, which has not been able to prepare it to build a strong economic base, as it is bordered to the north by the Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean to the west, which has rendered rich in large fish resources, which has led to the fishing industry as a food industry. Moroccan fish is one of the main products exported by Morocco, and it contributes significantly to the increase of the local economy.


Morocco is one of the most abundant countries where the current water resources and fertile soils are located, where there are many flood plains located by rivers. The Moroccan economy depends heavily on the agricultural sector, where many varieties of fruits and vegetables are grown and exported to international markets. The problem facing Morocco is the lack of energy sources and, consequently, which represents a burden for him, and increases the proportion of indebtedness and, therefore, progress in the industry will be very slow.

Proportion of agricultural products

In Morocco, agriculture is an important sector of economic and social development. It comprises about 1.5 million farmers and contributes about 15% of gross domestic product and 40% of employment opportunities. Thanks to the joint efforts of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and industry professionals, production of agricultural raw materials has increased steadily since 2000. From 2009 to 2016, this production exceeded the threshold of 100 billion of dirhams per year, compared to 75 billion dirhams a year earlier 2008. These good results are mainly due to the strong mobilization of the actors in the project area "Green Morocco".