The traditional industry is a source of civilization, art and culture of a particular country.

The Moroccan traditional industry is also a mirror that reflects a huge heritage and important cultural and human values that are linked to the history and customs of the Moroccan people based primarily on mutual interplay between the two varied and rich components; Arab and Amazigh, the traditional Moroccan industry expresses its creativity in a variety of shapes and materials from wood and leather, crossing metals and copper, to textiles and pottery.

Materials that are transformed into exciting forms based on techniques that have a tradition of history that has managed to maintain its continuity. This makes the Moroccan traditional industry one of the most vital and rich industries for the entire African continent.

Types of traditional Moroccan industries:

  • Sewing and models
  • Carpets and textile
  • Bois
  • Poterie
  • Céramique
  • Cuir
  • Bougies
  • Cuivre
  • Fer
  • Bijoux
  • Gypse
  • Marbre