Agricultural production

Due to its geographical and strategic location, Morocco has experienced several civilizations that have left clear human and environmental marks, making it an excellent reservoir for plant and animal resources.

The cultural diversity inherited from generation to generation and the diversity of ecosystems made Morocco an oasis rich with local and endemic products from Antiquity.

On the basis of the local qualifications of the Kingdom, the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries allocated a significant space to these products in its new plan of agricultural development, "Green Plan of Morocco", launched by His Majesty King Mohammed VI in April 2008 in Meknes.

Thus, a special plan has been developed for the development of these products, mainly according to the following axes:

  1. Preparation and publication of Act No. 06-25 on the distinctive signs of the source and quality of food and agricultural and seafood products in 2008.
  2. Inventory of local products, analysis of their value chains, diagnosis of their production areas, development of special regional programs for the development of local products and preparation of a plan for the promotion and commercialization of these products nationally and internationally.
  3. Completion of the program to rehabilitate units of appreciation in order to intensify and improve the supply of local products in accordance with market requirements and applicable laws.
  4. To sensitize and to follow the rhythm of the producers on the importance of the coding of these products.

However, in order to give fresh impetus to the local product sector, a strategy for the promotion and marketing of local products has been formulated and implemented on a large scale from 2012 onwards, according to the following principles:

  1. Tribal development in the production chain and preparation of balanced partnerships in aggregation.
  2. Establishment of a regional logistics area for the marketing of products.
  3. Development of product marketing at national and international levels.
  4. Support coding of products.
  5. Organization of communication and publicity campaigns.

In order to activate the development and strategic programs designed to support marketing and promotion, the Ministry has developed central and regional interests, which are responsible for coaching and directing the development of the local products sector. Thus, a local product division, a coding section was created in the production chain development department and 12 regional departments closely aligned with the sector, which were then supported by the National Agency for agricultural development.

The research carried out in the Kingdom has enabled the gathering of more than 1000 gatherings of local producers and the inventory of more than 200 local products which have been prepared with identity cards highlighting the most important data related to the quality of the product, its uses and the specificities of the production areas.

The goal of the author of the book "local products of Morocco, richness and diversity", illustrated by images, is the definition of national wealth and the richness of these products, in order to sensitize consumers and create appeal for the local products.

This book highlights the wealth of the Kingdom with local products. It was first formulated as a definition of the applicable law on signs of origin and quality, followed by an overview of the most important local products in various parts of the Kingdom.